JBL MRX525 PA System for hire is an excellent choice when the application calls for high performance and simplicity.The MRX525 is a portable, dual fifteen-inch, two-way speaker system designed for reinforcement of music and speech. Rent a pair of MRX525s and a single, high-power amplifier is a complete sound system capable of reinforcing bass and kick drum or playing high-level music in clubs and other venues. 1600 watts.
High-level music playback.
Live sound reinforcement for vocals and musical instruments

Hire a pair of JBL MRX 525s (per day) for R900

The Crown Xti4000 amplifier is a professional tool designed and built for portable PA applications. Pushing out 3200 Watts. Rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in its class. XTi-Series amplifiers feature an LCD screen with DSP speaker presets for crossover frequencies, EQ, compressor, and delay, on board. Contact us for your speaker equipment hire

Hire a Crown XTI 4000 Amplifier (per day) for R400

Buy 2x JBL MRX 525s + Crown XTI 4000 Amplifier R34,000